Balance Your Health

This consultation form is where you will provide a lot of detailed information about yourself and your health from eating habits to vitamins you take.

  • You will receive information from a qualified herbalist

  • This form will help detect imbalances within the body

  • You will receive $10 off your order from us

  • This consultation will help you learn how to connect the dots when it comes to your body

  • You will receive a personalized plan consisting of herbs, diet, and other tools 


    Herb N Balance strongly believes that balance is a life long journey. Therefore, starting this consultation is starting the rest of your life. 

    As your herbalist it is my duty to ensure that you learn from me while simultaneously learning your body.

    The overall goal is balance. As we move foward you will find that this approach does not include giving an herb for a particular symptom as a means of "fixing" the overall issue. 

     Where do we begin on our journey? Herbs are not a one size fits all, which is why we even have a consultation in the first place.

     Our body will show us signs and symptoms as a way to help guide us to make changes.

      We all love reaching our goals and fast results, but with this new journey, lets slow down a bit.

     Take this time to be patient with your body and understand that alternative ways of balance take time and consistency. 

      Herb N Balance is here to support you on this journey.

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