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About Me

My name is Cree and I am an Earth sign so it is only NATURAL that I became an Herbalist. I started out as an Esthetician, making my own skincare products and then took courses so that I would feel comfortable holding the Herbalist title along with it. I have created this page to help you find balance in your life from the inside out. My experience as an Esthetician helps me choose the best herbs for skin care. My life as a mother and a wife help me choose the best herbs for when life happens. My knowledge as an herbalist helps me bring it altogether for the best fit for your body. Take a look around. Have a question? Send an email to herbnbalance@gmail.com along with the health consultation form found by clicking the 3 bars on the top left from your mobile phone. 

As always,

Love, Peace, and Herb Grease. 

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