Herbal Tea or a Drugstore Run?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The biggest misconception about herbs and herbalism as a whole is that herbs are used in the same exact way as an over the counter drug. Sometimes, when in pain, or discomfort there is a sudden urge to get rid of the symptoms instead of getting to the root cause. I want to help change that. So if, for example, someone is experiencing heartburn everyday even after taking an over the counter heartburn medicine, it's probably an imbalance somewhere. So the goal then is to find the imbalance and use herbs to help bring the body to a balanced state.

You Get What You Give

Our body requires fuel in the form of food and water. Environmental factors (air quality, how much sleep we get, etc.) also play a role in how our body operates.

The fact is, we each have a body system that works together to make up who we are and how we feel. So what we fuel our body with is how WELL we will feel.

Consultation Forms

Remember I said our body is a system? I use a consultation form to collect pieces of information that can help me weed out (pun intended) what herbs, water therapies, etc.) that would be best suited for each person

I look at:

  • Sleep, water, and food intake

  • Prior health issues from each body system

  • Energies such as always feeling hot or cold

From this information I am able to customize a plan that will best bring your body overall balance.

Sooo Answer the Question

Being that I am not a medical doctor, the question isn't necessarily mine to decide on. An over the counter drug can bring your symptoms relief, and an herbal tea can help bring you balance so that the drug store run, is no longer necessary. You decide. Also, be mindful that if you feel that you need to go to the emergency room, or doctor, please do so.

This information is for education purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

As always,

Love, Peace, and Herb Grease

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