Don’t Drink Plain Water

Let’s talk about why dehydration and plain water don’t mix! There’s a common misconception that when we are dehydrated, we only need to give our body water. While water does make our body function as it should, our body’s cells have a way of using electrolytes (such as sodium and potassium) to keep them in balance alongside water. So although water is necessary, it is only part of the equation.

When we become dehydrated, the best way to help maintain the balance is to mix electrolytes into water. So grab some coconut water, avocado, beet, or green veggie juice. Now if you are not dehydrated, you can have just water because the foods we eat (as long as they aren’t fast foods and artificial ingredients) will carry enough electrolytes to match our water consumption.

Imagine you are cooking a soup (electrolytes in this example), adding all your favorite vegetables, broths, meats, and seasonings. The liquid in the pot (considered the water for the example) starts to evaporate off and your soup is becoming too thick. If you try fixing your soup issue by dumping in cups of water, you will find that the soup’s flavor will become watered down. Oh no!

Similarly this happens in the body during dehydration. Which is why if you’ve ever been dehydrated you’ll notice that drinking a lot of water will make you feel nauseous or get a headache. Too much water is rushing into the cells and making it an imbalanced place. The next time you plan to sweat hard or find yourself dehydrate, try creating your own sports drinks packed with electrolytes.

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