Why Yoni Steam?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

First let’s talk about what a yoni steam is. It’s an ancient healing practice that uses the steam from herbs to penetrate your vaginal area. The vaginal opening and surrounding skin will absorb the steam to receive the benefits from the herbs.

Yoni steaming today is still used in the same way but the added benefit is that it is a form of self care. When I steam, I like to listen to soothing music, pull out my journal and just BE in the moment. The steaming itself is very therapeutic and some of the herbs have relaxing properties.

We all need a break sometimes and this is a time to focus solely on yourself. So get a relaxing chair, get your most comfy blanket and steam away.

I want to share a list with you to help you see what benefits stand out the most about yoni steaming.

Things that yoni steaming helps with:

-length and amount of monthly bleeding




-shedding toxins and buildup

-increasing sex drive and moisture

-getting rid of yeast or bv

-improves fertility

-tightening and toning

-relaxing your body

-calming your nerves

Every yoni steam isn’t the same so keep in mind that the list above is dependent on WHICH steam you use.

Its also important to note that yoni steaming is not for anyone that is pregnant. If you have just given birth, wait to steam until your 6-8 week checkup.

As always,

Love, Peace, and Herb Grease

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